Our values Respect the Rights of Clients and Employees

Our values Respect the Rights of Clients and Employees

Our values Uphold Client Confidentiality

Our values Uphold Client Confidentiality

Our values Maintain Highest Professional Standards

Our values Maintain Highest Professional Standards

Our values Operate with Integrity, Honour and Commitment

Our values Operate with Integrity, Honour and Commitment

Our values Empower Socioeconomically Disadvantaged South Africans

Our values Empower Socioeconomically Disadvantaged South Africans

The company
Industrial Service &
Welding Technology

IMS Africa was founded in 2014 as part of the strategic global expansion of its parent company, IMS Berlin. Since then, IMS Africa has continued to establish itself as the leading source of highly-qualified and best trained specialists. Its strength in allocating skilled professionals and experienced management personnel is powered by IMS Berlin's over 20 Years of experience in providing engineering and technical services manpower for the energy, Mining, Petrochemical, Oil & Gas and Water Treatment Industries.

With operations in more than 30 countries and on 5 continents and a portfolio of more than 500 projects in plant construction, steel construction and piping, IS Berlin allows IMS Africa to tap into a vast international network of expats to satisfy its clients diverse and strict requirements. In Africa and other places where it operates, IMS strives to provide employment and training opportunities with the goal of maximizing positive impact on local and international economies. We are centralised in the business hub of Pretoria Industrial, providing easy access to our offices and retail outlet.



Vision statement

To be a substantial player in the provision of experienced personnel, innovative training and engineering services.

Mission statement

We have the ability to deliver world class services and solutions that exceed clients expectations, while earning equitable returns needed to sustain our welfare and environmental surroundings.


IMS core strength is on the allocation of highly-skilled personnel for power plant, petrochemical plant, bridge, steel, pipe construction, conveyor plants, mining, oil & gas and water treatment sectors.

We can provide the following experienced, certified professionals:

  • Technical Personnel

  • Site Supervisor

  • Welding Personnel (Engineers and Supervisors)

  • Security Engineers and Security Specialists

  • Topping-Out Foremen and Service Engineers

  • Welders

  • Plant Erectors

  • Steel Construction Erectors

  • Pipe Assemblers, Piping Isometric

  • Crane Operators

  • Office Workforce for Site Management


  • BBBEE Level 2 Contributor
  • Tax Clearance Certificate
  • DIN 18800-7
  • Certificate of Manufacturer's Qualification for the Welding of Steel Constructions according to DIN 18800-7Class E (Large scale verification of suitability)
  • WAN 163/2000
    Admission WAN 163/2000 for working in external plants and facilities according to § 15 radiation protection ordinance
  • SAGCC membership
  • Company Profile
  • WOESA membership
  • SAIW membership




Commissioning Technician

  • Commissioning of boiler auxiliary and auxiliary plant systems.
  • Drafting commissioning procedures.
  • Executing commissioning procedures according to these procedures.
  • Responsible for the hydraulic systems installed in the boiler/auxiliary plant scope.
  • Initiating/Revocation of Simulations and Plant isolations (Permit to Work System).
  • Coordinating maintenance and repairs on the Auxiliary Plant systems.
  • Managing GED workflow Managing H3 Databooks.
Our requirements
  • Engineering degree in any related engineering disciplines, e.g. energy, mechanical, thermodynamics, power, electrical.
  • Minimum experience of 3 - 5 years commissioning of similar equipment (lubrication and hydraulic system, mechanical equipment).
  • Very good knowledge in mechatronics and hydraulic systems.
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office packages, Access (GED).
  • Readiness to work in remote and isolated environment under difficult conditions.
  • Excellent communication and team skills.

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Piping Supervisor

  • Oversee and assist Construction Manager in all erection activities of all boiler, Piping, Water wall panels and economizer / Super Heater elements.
  • Daily, weekly and monthly planning.
  • Ensure quality resources planning.
  • Setting monthly, weekly, daily objectives with priorities for the Department.
  • Ensure high standard of safety and quality are adhered to and that risks are managed appropriately.
  • Control man hours allowed for erection and ensure that all budgets are met or improve.
  • Updating Construction Schedules.
  • Must be able to work unsupervised and team leadership.
  • Must report all deviations from the scope of work timeously in writing to the Construction Manager.
  • Assist Construction Manager in running the site in a safe manner and within budget and on time.
Our requirements
  • A recognized trade in Pipe Fitting / Boiler making with N3 or equivalent NQF Level
  • Must have at least 10 - 15 years' experience in his field e.g. Pipe Fitting, Boiler Making.
  • An advantage of Supervisory Management Diploma
  • Previous experience in similar position.
  • Knowledge of reading Erection / Construction drawings accurately
  • Good communication skills
  • Knowledge of Microsoft Office would be an advantage
  • Must be quality conscious, Knowledge of QIP's and quality procedures

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Insulation Supervisor

  • Supervise and monitor insulation teams on a daily basis to ensure safe and operational procedures are being followed in order to meet project objectives, consider occupation hazards and safety precautions before undertaking tasks.
  • Ensure all parties are following project specification and design detail, materials obeys to site standards and conformity.
  • Monitor attendance and time keeping of employees carrying out activities and report back to Discipline Manager on any irregularities.
  • Ensure all works carried out are to specification and design requirements of the project, and faults are reported to the Disciplines Manager.
  • Inspect the quality of workmanship and report any faults to the Discipline Manger, and ensure all client request are secured.
  • Provide planning guidance and ensure all works are carried out to achieve maximum productivity in achieving company targets
  • Communicate with sub-contracting companies to ensure that defined scopes of works are clear and being followed.
  • Ensure all documentation/reports are accurate and fall within time schedule frame, observe performance and report in to the Discipline Manger with daily accomplishment.
  • Liaise with client and provide client assurance when undertaking works, ensure that all works exceed the client’s expectations and signed off to a satisfactory level.
Our requirements
  • At least 2-5 years’ experience in insulation within the insulation industry.
  • Must have atleast of 2 years of supervisory experience
  • Good experience of insulation materials and consumables.
  • Good understanding of cladding and design configuration for insulation components.
  • Good understanding and follow quality assurance procedures
  • Knowledge of design and construction detailed drawings
  • Follow Quality documentation.
  • Engineering and resolve site operational issues.
  • Good communication skills & excellent interpretation Skills.
  • Good planning and coordinating skills, Practical design input

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